Below are the links to official videos from the meet.

8 & Under Girls


8 & Under Girls Team Awards

8 & Under Girls Individual Awards

8 & Under Boys


8 & Under Boys Team Awards



8 & Under Boys Individual Awards


9 & 10 Year Old Girls


9 & 10 Year Old Girls Team Awards


9 & 10 Year Old Girls Individual Awards


9 & 10 Year Old Boys


9 & 10 Year Old Boys Team Awards


9 & 10 Year Old Boys Individual Awards


11 & 12 Year Old Girls


11 & 12 Year Old Boys


13 & 14 Year Old Girls


13 & 14 Year Old Boys


15 & 16 Year Old Boys



Association Results
11/17/2013 Results
Regional Meet Results
11/24/2013 Results
National Meet Results
12/14/2013 Results


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