2023 USATF National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships

Valley United Striders Track & Field Information

This year The Valley United Team will be competing in the USATF season! The National Jr. Olympics will be held in Eugene Oregon!!

This year’s Post Season Team will be made up of all participating teams in the Valley Conference and surrounding High Schools. Only VYC IEC qualified athletes will be invited on the team!! All High School athletes are welcome. 

To participate as a Valley United Strider, you will need to purchase a USATF membership card by logging onto the usatf.org/membership website and get your card. Be sure to attach to the Valley United Track Club team # 33-0015. You will either need to renew your card if you already have one, or get a new membership, if you have never had one. If you are getting a new card, please be sure to upload your birth document at the same time. This will take 5 to 10 days to get as only the National office can verify it. (Please do not get a new card if you have already gotten one, if you are having trouble logging in call the office for help) You can not compete until this is done!!

You will need to fill out the Jot Form registration on our website, valleyunitedstriders.com when it is available. The fees will be listed at that time. Once you have completed the online application process your athlete will be added to the Valley United Team. All athletes will need to order a uniform if you do not have one already. We are always striving towards making the transition between Valley Youth Conference competition and USATF competition easier for all involved.

We welcome everyone to the Valley United Striders and look forward to an awesome and exciting season.

 Upcoming  Optional Races:

May 27th-28th – L.A. Jets Invite – Warren HS, CA

June 2-4 Shockwave Invite – Falcon Stadium-Cerritos College, CA

July 15-16 Cal State games – San Diego Cal 

Mandatory Races:

June 9th-11th – USATF Association- TBA- top 8 finishers move to Regional race 

June 21-23 – USATF Region 15 Multi Championship – TBA (multi event athletes only)

June 23-25 – USATF Region 15 – TBA- Top 5 finishers move to Junior Olympics Championship 

July 24th-30th -National Junior Olympics Eugene Oregon


Optional Race – California State Games – San Diego, Athletes will register and pay fohttps://live.athletictiming.net/meets/26447r this meet on Athletic.net Coaches may not be in attendance 

USATF Registration

Athletes competing in the USATF will have to purchase membership in the USATF Please make sure you attach your athlete to Valley United Striders USATF team Number is 33-015. You must upload a birth certificate or pass port to be verified at the National office. There is an upload button on the last page after you pay. the fee is $25.00 for membership.

Welcome to Valley United Striders! 

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the VALLEY UNITED STRIDERS ALL STAR TEAM. Restructured in 1986, Valley United has served as a vehicle for our top athletes of the VYC to unite together and compete locally and nationally.  The team originally goes back into the 1960s. The Valley United Striders is the second oldest team in the State. Our USATF team number is 15.

The Valley United Striders competes in the USA Track and Field circuit as well as the AAU. Over the past decade Valley United has proven itself to be a dominating force locally and a nationally recognized power house.  Our club has produced many National Champions, broken records, set records and won National Team Titles in both Cross Country and Track and Field.

Valley United Striders USATF team Number is 33-015  

Valley United Striders AAU team Number is W387CD

Who we are …

The Valley Youth Conference simply put is the Best Conference in Southern California, having been in existence since 1966. The Conference acts as a governing body with well established playing rules and standards that are first and foremost, fair to all competitors.

We are a non-profit volunteer organization devoted to youth through athletics. We offer a year round sports program through football, track & field , cross country, and cheerleading for boys and girls ages 5 to 18. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy environment for our youth to develop in both athletics and citizenship. We encourage scholastic achievement, and have annually awarded thousands of dollars in academic scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have participated in one of our many athletic programs. We encompass the entire San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, Pasadena, West Los Angeles area, and Simi Valley.

The Valley Youth Conference helps develop and guide the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow. Over the past forty years our members have grown up and returned to the Valley Youth Conference as leaders, coaches and volunteers to give children the same opportunities, benefits and rewarding memories that can last a lifetime to the over 5,000 families that participate annually.

USATF Participant Waiver



Newsletter 5/25/23

We will have most uniforms at Practice tonight PLEASE PICK IT UP! Today is the last day to order uniforms, we have to make our last order for us to get the rest by the Association meet. Do not wait to order or you may not get a uniform . If your uniform is not in today, you can wear a plain white or black shirt and any shorts.


WAIVER -All athletes need to fill out and turn a release for each meet Please print and bring this to practice or the meet Participant Waiver you can add all your children on one form! Please turn in to Poppy tonight !


BAND APP– When you signed up for the team Sharie send you an invitation to join the Band App please makes sure you do that for meet day information.

I was told last night that the announcing PA at the meet cannot be heard at the warm up field so you need to make sure you follow the meet carefully so you do not miss your events.

BIBS– We will have a table for you to pick up your bib from Poppy at the meet. all bibs should be picked up first thing in the morning so no is looking at the last minute for a bib!! We need parents to help with this at the meet. Please let her know if you can sit at the tables to give out bibs All athletes need to keep their bibs on for all races, if you lose it you will have to pay a fee to get another one. Flyer Please remember we are an all volunteer team and we need help from everyone!!

Snack table We recommend you all bring plenty of food and drinks for your family, but, We would also like to have water, Gatorade and snacks for the athletes at the meet Please bring the following items to help us have this available Please check with Chevaugn or your coaches :


8 and under several ice chest with ice

9/10 – water, juice or Gatorade

11/12 – bread, peanut butter, or jelly

13/18 – snack bars, cut up fruit, or snack items

Please feel free to bring any items you would like to share!!

Schedule -5/27-6/1

Thursday May 24th -6:00 pm -practice – simi Valley High

Saturday and Sunday May 27th and 28th – L.A. Jets Meet – Warren High School

Tuesday May 30th -6:00pm – Burbank High School

Thursday June 1st – 6:00pm Burbank High School

Saturday & Sunday June 3rd and 4th West Coast Classic – Cerritos College


Please visit our website



Upcoming Recommended Meets:

May 27-28th – L.A. Jets Invite – Warren HS, CA Flyer

June 3-4th Shockwave Invite – Falcon Stadium-Cerritos College, CA


Mandatory Races:

June 9th-11th – USATF Association- TBA- top 8 finishers move to Regional race

California High School – Whittier 

June 21-23 – USATF Region 15 Multi Championship – A.V. College (multi event athletes only)


June 23-25 – USATF Region 15 – Top 5 finishers move to Junior Olympics Championship – AV. College in Lancaster


National Junior Olympics

The National Junior Olympics will be held the week of July 24th–30th in Eugene Oregon.


Optional Race – California State Games – San Diego, Athletes will register and pay for this meet on Athletic.net Coaches may not be in attendance