History of the Valley United Track Club All-Star Team

In 1986, the Valley Youth Conference formed an All-Star team made up of our top athletes from the entire Track & Field  and Cross Country Roster.  As a result, Valley United Track Club was born.  We competed in the National Meets during the Post Season and “put our face on the map” that first year, placing in the top 10 in multiple events.

The summer of 2001, we took approximately 50 athletes through Post Season Competition, starting with the Association meet and completing at the Junior Olympics in Sacramento, CA.  We brought home over 47 medals! Aside from competing in the Junior Olympics circuit, we took this All-Star team to the USA Junior Outdoor Track & Field Championships (formally the USA Track & field Youth Athletic Champions) in Decatur, Illinois and once again achieved wonderful things, including winning multiple events.

The summer of 2002, our All-Star Team had more entries in the Junior Olympics circuit than any other club in our Association.  We started with close to 70 athletes at the Association meet and by the time we registered for the Junior Olympics, 33 athletes were going to Omaha, Nebraska to compete with the best in the nation.  We came into the J.O.s ranked in the top 3 in multiple events.   When we packed up after that week, we went home with numerous medallists and the National Record for the Bantam Boy 4 x 100 Meter Relay!!!

Our venture during the Summer of 2003, included approximately 60 athletes who competed through the entire circuit and found themselves amongst the best in the Nation in their age group at the Junior Olympic in Miami, Florida.  We also had an awesome showing at the Junior Nationals in Buffalo, New York coming way with National Youth Athletic Champions in the Bantam Girl and Boy 4×100 relays; Midget Girl 4×100 and 4×800 relays as well as individual champions in the MG 100 meter dash (Erika Woods) and MB 80 meter hurdles (Dale Morgan, Jr.).

By the beginning of our 2004 season, we had more interest by the athletes of the VYC than in any previous year, and more returning athletes than ever before.  By this time, we had become a team to reckon with; many teams not only knew our name, they knew our abilities.  This season brought us to a new level when our Midget Girls won the National Team Title at the Junior Nationals in Massachusetts.  Our team was represented by more athletes than any other team in our entire region at the Junior Olympics in Eugene, Oregon.  The athletes did not disappoint!  We had more individual competitors this year than any other years as well as Junior Olympic Gold in the Bantam Boy 4 x 100 relay and Midget Boys and Girls 4 x 800 relays. Another big success story was Camille Dencer, who became a National Individual Champion at both the Junior Nationals as well as the Junior Olympics in the Youth Girl High Jump.  During the most recent USATF Association Banquet 25 of our athletes were acknowledged.  For those who may not know, only the national champion athletes are given such an honor!  Each athlete brought home a plaque with the accomplishment including date it occurred and time posted.

Our goal every year is to continue to compete at the level we have in the past.  There is always room for the next incredible athlete to join our team.  Over the next few pages, information regarding this outstanding team will be provided. Hopefully, as parents, by being informed about our team now you will accept the call of your athlete when it occurs!